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Swing Education

Swing Education tackles the substitute teacher problem with SwingSubs program, which matches schools in need to qualified substitutes.

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UnCollege provides Gap Year programs for young adults who want to drive their own education, explore, and make a splash in the world. http://uncollege.org

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Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a communication platform that lets teachers create interactive assessments and presentations that students can follow along on their devices. It aims to help teachers efficiently understand individual students’ progress in the classroom. Teachers create a presentation, or

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Aegis Identity Software

Aegis Identity Software, Inc. provides affordable and effective identity management solutions for the education market. Its products, TridentHE and TridentK12, represent a contemporary solution that recognizes the unique needs of the education market versus the general commercial marketplace. http://aegisidentity.com/

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Story2 helps college students write their best essays for college and scholarship applications. Story2 has taught more than 20,000 students to get in and get money at selective colleges. https://www.story2.com

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Schoolzilla empowers schools to do more with data. Collect and organize all your data with Schoolzilla’s data warehouse, and use our reporting toolkit to find the insights that matter. http://www.schoolzilla.org

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ClassWallet is a free virtual wallet for teachers to easily collect, spend, and track classroom funds. With ClassWallet, funds can be easily distributed to educators. Teachers can access virtually every product and service under the sun. Administrators get automated reconciliation

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Lea(R)n launched LearnTrials so schools and districts make data-driven decisions when they try, buy and use education technology. By empowering teachers with a voice in what works in the classroom, the research-backed platform saves schools and districts 80% of the

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Uvize provides schools with an innovative software platform that helps their military veterans succeed in college. We partner with universities and colleges to deliver academic orientation and preparation online to incoming veterans. We also build community by connecting students with

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ThinkCERCA is an online, CCSS-aligned literacy program with tools and content teachers need to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and develop powerful arguments. CERCA is an argumentation framework for rigorous, personalized online learning, providing tools to teach

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Netchemia (acquired by Vista Equity Partners)

Netchemia is one of the fastest-growing providers of talent management solutions for K-12 school districts. Netchemia’s cloud-software platform delivers simple, quick, and affordable management solutions for Teacher Evaluation (TalentEd Perform™), Recruitment & Hiring (TalentEd Recruit & Hire™), Personnel Records (TalentEd

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